Venture Talk with Rajeev Amatya

Rajeev Amatya, Managing Director at will discuss the “Future of E-Commerce in Nepal” on Monday, October 8th, 2018 at Nepal Tourism Board Hall (Bhrikutimandap) from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

I wrote a blog E-commerce in Nepal heats up, where I shared my assumptions on what would happen in the next 3-5 years in Nepal’s ecommerce scene. The Venture Talk with Rajeev Amatya will provide a great opportunity to understand the current and future of online shopping in Nepal. With Rajeev’s experience in the ecommerce industry for a few years, it would be good to hear his industry insights, market challenges and the next frontier for ecommerce in Nepal.

Daraz also recently launched its new website and mobile app.

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E-commerce in Nepal heats up

Sasto Deal. Daraz Nepal. UG Bazaar. Muncha. Now eSewaPasal. There’s more ecommerce companies in Nepal and I’ve only mentioned the ones that I regularly hear of.

It’s exciting to witness the growth of ecommerce in Nepal in the last 5-7 years. Alibaba Group acquired the entire share capital of Daraz, the Pakistan-based e-commerce company that has been running online marketplace services in a number of South Asian countries including Nepal (May 2018). Dolma Impact Fund, the first international private equity fund dedicated to Nepal made investment in SastoDeal (June 2018). Dolma was impressed with SastoDeal’s 233% growth just in the last quarter.

Although ecommerce is probably not the first option for many consumers in Nepal, it is certainly becoming much popular and a very good alternative shopping option. Why is ecommerce heating up in Nepal or specifically Kathmandu, the capital? Here’s a few reasons I can surmise:

  1. Many Internet Service Providers are offering higher bandwidth at cheaper prices.
  2. Internet penetration and mobile penetration is increasing.
  3. Cash on delivery is still the most used mode of payment so it’s easier for consumers to try the service.
  4. A growing number of consumers are preferring the convenience and choices available in ecommerce sites.
  5. A young and tech savvy population is growing up shopping online.

What’s next for ecommerce in Nepal? What would happen in the next 3-5 years in Nepal’s ecommerce scene?

My assumptions:

  1. Ecommerce will continue to see rapid growth fueled by increased consumer connectivity, easier/better online payment gateways and overall competition.
  2. Retailers will have to offer much better customer service/experience, prices and faster delivery turnaround to match or beat increased online competition.
  3. A replication of Amazon Prime membership model can come into play and the first ecommerce company to leverage this opportunity will win consumers, higher margins and platform loyalty.
  4. More investment will come in domestically/internationally to take the ecommerce platforms outside of Kathmandu and build a nation wide network. Acquisitions are likely as competition increases.
  5. Government will take more interest in ecommerce due to the growing ecommerce market, inflow of investment and as more transactions happen over the web/internet.

What do you think? Looking forward to hearing from you whether you are an online shopper, retailer or someone working at an ecommerce company. Please comment below.


Thamel delivers

Today was my mother’s birthday so my sister had sent a cake through A representative from called us in the morning to know our location and gave us a delivery time (around 2pm). We didn’t know if it would be delivered on time. At 2pm, we got a call. The representative was near the neighborhood and made the delivery on time.

A few years back, we had waited hours for a cake to arrive at our home from It was a bad experience and we had lost our trust with the e-commerce site. But now they had improved their customer service and delivered on their promise.

Many times just delivering on your promise is enough to delight the customer.