What’s on your calendar?

One way to identify what’s a priority for someone is to look at their calendars.

What’s there and what’s not there?

If your calendar does not have the activities/people/experiences that you value or are important to you, pretty soon it will start filling up with other people’s priorities.

Someone can tell you how much they want to be an entrepreneur and live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Yet when you see how that person spends their time, you will notice if they really mean it or are not focused on their personal/professional goals. If it’s not booked on your calendar (or time blocked off for it), then usually it will not happen for many reasons.

Usually the calendar is a good indicator of what’s a priority to someone.

What's the priority?

When there is no priority, everything becomes a priority. Focus is a critical skill. Too many times we have learned at school and in the real world that it is good to multi-task. I can’t stress how important focus is. So figure out your priority and then focus like a needle.

In a good company, I believe the best ideas become a compass to the company’s direction. The ecosystem should always allow the best ideas to come forward. When the ideas are presented, it’s critical to first understand what the company’s priorities are. What are the short-term goals? long-term goals? Even for short term goals, what are the top 3 goals. When the priority is not clear, then every small project will be equally as important as the big one. Then its a problem.

Figure out your priority, focus on it and you’ll be amazed at the results.