Useful resources on curiosity and questions


The DNA of the World’s Most Innovative Companies

Curiosity is a Must-have Skill

The Business Case for Curiosity

Forget Brainstorming. Try Questionstorming

Why must businesses step back in order to move forward?


How to Ask Better Questions | Tim Ferriss

The Truth about Being the “Stupidest” in the Room | Simon Sinek


Cal Fussman’s Big Questions podcast

The Career Contessa Podcast

The Tim Ferriss Show

Akimbo A Podcast from Seth Godin


The Right Question Institute

A More Beautiful Question

This list will be continuously updated. Please share any resources that can be added to this list.

15 Minutes A Day

I started an experiment. The experiment is to allocate 15 minutes each day to learn something new.

There is no shortage of resources to learn from in  today’s world. Connect to the internet from any corner of the world and you enter an universe where you can learn anything and as much as you want. What you need to become more knowledgeable is curiosity, focus and dedication to continuous learning.

On the first day I started the 15 Minutes A Day experiment, I read How Tim Ferriss Became the ‘Oprah of Audio’—Behind the Podcast With 70M-Plus Downloads on the Observer website. The article was informative and a fun read. I am already excited on how much I will learn each day going forward. At the end of each day, I feel accomplished, informed and happy that I learned something new. A day well spent.