Startup Founder Credit

Do startup founder(s) get more credit for the startup’s success or blame for its failure than other members of the startup (managers, technical leads etc)?

We know of founder(s) who started companies but what about the initial 5 to 50 employees who helped the startup grow.

What contributes to a startup’s success? Is it the founder(s)’ idea, their execution, their initial key hires, or just the timing of their idea(s)?

How much should we praise founder(s), recognize their successes and failures, and attribute to the startup’s growth?

Feature Story: Startups with Idea & Vision

My passion lies with startups. I love to be part of something from the beginning and help it grow. I’ve noticed that very successful startups mainly have two important attributes: a unique idea and a vision.

Going forward, I will highlight a startup that is changing the business landscape with its unique business model.