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What’s normal in America?

Recently I started reading the book The War on Normal People The truth about America’s disappearing jobs and why Universal Basic Income is our future by Andrew Yang, Founder of Venture for America. In the book, Andrew has a chapter titled Who is Normal in America. I found the chapter insightful and alarming-there is so much happening in America that is not yet discussed or covered in the mainstream media. I’m glad I picked up this book and its been a good read so far. I’m half way through the book.

In the book, Andrew states “the normal American did not graduate from college and doesn’t have an associate’s degree. He or she perhaps attended college for one year or graduated from high school. She or he has a net worth of approximately $36K – about $6K excluding home and vehicle equity – and lives paycheck to paycheck. She or he has less than $500 in flexible savings and minimal assets invested in the stock market. These are median statistics, with 50 percent of Americans below these levels.” Wow. That’s eye opening.

Image source: https://www.yang2020.com/buy-the-book/