Grepsr is Making an Impact in Nepal

Recently, I started a list of tech companies making an impact in Nepal based on the growth of the company in the last 5 years, innovative product or service of the company, local buzz around the company, company culture etc. In the first blog of this series, I talked about Fusemachines.

2. Grepsr

Started in 2012, Grepsr has been quietly making a big impact in the tech scene from Naxal, Kathmandu. Grepsr is a startup focused on simplifying the way businesses discover, track and analyse B2B data through a simple, collaborative and managed data extraction platform. Grepsr, as stated in their website is building a better future where access to better B2B data is much simpler, non-disturbing, and sometimes hidden for the good of businesses everywhere.

The 15+ Grepsr team is led by Amit Chaudhary and Subrat Basnet. They have amassed a noteworthy client list including Twitter, Bain & Company, Target, Groupon and GE Capital to name a few. They are also proud to share that they are based out of the beautiful of Kathmandu (Careers page).

The company has a chrome extension, Grepsr which helps to scrape data from the web. With close to 4500 users, the chrome extension has received rave reviews on the Chrome Web Store. I installed it and found the tool very useful. It’s very simple to use and has an intuitive dashboard. There are a few minor things that needs to be tweaked with the extension but overall its a fantastic tool for scraping data.

If you are interested in working at Grepsr, write in the comments below or send an email to with subject line “Grepsr.”

The other 3 technology companies making an impact in Nepal will be featured in upcoming blogs. Stay tuned.