Travel Tips from Road Trips

Road trips are fun and adventurous with a good group, couple or on our own.

If we’re driving to a destination, we can choose some places to stop along the way that interests us : local eats, city attractions, must-see locations/landmarks and other interest(s) we have.

A good mix of planned activities/stops along the way and unplanned stops to see if certain locations/ landmarks seem exciting can make the journey memorable.

Few good music playlists, podcasts, and audio books can make the travel fun and entertaining.

Packing healthy snacks and drinks provides needed fuel and energy to our body!

Travel to live

Travelling takes you out of your comfort zone and into new places and situations. You make adjustments, meet people and gain a new perspective on life. Exploring a new place always excites me. The excitement comes from witnessing new landscape, architecture, cultures and experiencing something different.

Back in college, I made a bold decision to study abroad in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. That decision was one of the best decisions I made. Studying abroad in Amsterdam allowed me to meet dynamic individuals from around the world, explore the amazing city of Amsterdam and travel around Europe. I picked Amsterdam because the classes at Hogeschool van Amsterdam would be taught in English, Nike’s European headquarters was close to Amsterdam (in Hilversum) and no one from my college, State University of New York (SUNY) at Potsdam had studied abroad in The Netherlands.

I caught the travel bug from Amsterdam and then became enthusiastic to travel to many states once I returned back to New York. So far, I have visited 25 states in the US, many parts of Nepal and have been to over 16 countries.

There is still so much to see and explore and I hope to do so in the coming days, months and years.

A few things I learned from my travels:

Start travelling. Don’t plan too much and don’t wait for everyone’s schedule to work out.

Enough money to travel is an illusion. If you really want to travel, you’ll find a way. Money will come but first you need to make up your mind. If something else seems to occupy your time to travel, then travel is not in your priority.

Start small. If you have plans to travel around the world, take the first step. You’ll be on your way.

There are plenty of blogs, articles, videos on the web for you to get started on travelling around the world or in your country. Travel to live.