Who sets the company culture?

The people who care.

The people who care think of an idea, an initiative and pursue an action. In a startup, people who care make or break the company culture. The values or ideals that the caring person or the caring group have will carryover and reflect in their initiatives and activities within the company.

Many employees want to be part of something bigger than themselves. When an employee cares about a topic or issue very deeply, they will take action and others with similar interests follow suit. But it always starts with the one who cares enough to do something about it. Great company cultures are rarely set by the majority of bystanders.

Great company cultures start and thrive on people who care about the topic or issue. If you want to build a great company culture, find the individuals who care and give them all the resources you can to let them implement ideas and initiatives and watch them grow. There will be challenges along the way but trusting the people who are leading the culture front and encouraging them would be the way to go to building a resilient company culture for the long term. The people who don’t care enough to do more than their roles and responsibilities will be there in each company. However, the company culture will be driven by the individuals who are passionate and voluntary lead the efforts.

Building a company culture

Leaders build culture. In any organization or group, the leader sets the tone or creates its culture. It’s up to you to decide what direction the organization should take.

As a leader, I believe its important for them to set the culture (guidelines, best practices and values) of the organization. The leader should set the right values of the company and share it with everyone. Values will become the guiding compass when the team members have to make decisions (be it expected or unexpected). If the organization’s values are not created or not shared with everyone, then the team member(s) will make decisions on what they see fit (which may or may not be what the organization would see fit). Thus, create simple values, share it and evolve with it.