Connect with the community

We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Joining a meetup, attending a networking event or taking part in a conference are some of the ways to be involved in the community.

I’m always looking forward to learning something new. So I attended¬†Your Best Sales War Stories & Holiday Party organized by Enterprise Sales Meetup on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at BetterCloud premises.¬†I was looking forward to hearing war stories from sales professionals. Mark Birch shared a story of a time when he and a team member went to pitch a prospective client. Although their pitch was great, the prospect did not sign and cited that the team member was wearing a Mickey Mouse watch as the reason for not signing up. It was very funny to hear that out of all the reasons.

An entrepreneur shared a story when he really wanted to meet Richard Branson who was visiting New York City for an event. He figured out exactly where Richard was going to be that particular day and prepped himself accordingly. When Richard was on stage waiting for a contestant, the entrepreneur rushed to the stage, quickly pitched his business idea and handed Richard a napkin with his name and phone number. Two weeks later, he was at Bryant Park and received a call from Richard Branson’s office. It was not a sales war story but I took it as a story of perseverance and connecting with the person you really want to.