I voted.

I voted in the National Parliament and Provincial Assemblies Election today.

Voting is our right. We choose candidates and put them in charge of decision making for our greater good. This is the power that we have as citizens. It’s important to exercise that power when you have it. You can’t complain when you don’t exercise that power when the opportunity is there.

Nepali citizens have been waiting for these elections for a long time. It’s a historic day. You’re not only playing a historic role in the elections but also choosing the type of future you wish/want for the country. As a citizen, I have responsibilities just like the candidates that I am choosing to elect. One of my important responsibility is to participate in the democratic process and vote. Voting itself is an important civic duty. I strongly believe that each vote counts and no one should feel like nothing will happen if he or she did not vote. We are making important choices today for a better future: many will go vote, some will not be able to vote for personal reasons (away from the polling stations, work, other responsibilities etc) and a few won’t participate at all no matter what. Which one are you?

My appeal is that everyone should go and vote. We will pick different candidates with different agendas and goals for the future. That is an important step for us to move forward together. We need to pick candidates that are results oriented, communicate well and deliver/over deliver on what they promise.

What choice are you making today? It’s a very important one. Act wisely.