Internal leadership

Each company has a culture. Some cultures are lead by senior management, others lead by the employees and some lead equally by the management and employees. In any company, I believe there are a few people who aspire to lead, want to do new things and make a bigger impact in the company/society. Some company cultures give those people the platform to lead while in other companies the ideas stay with the employees and never sees the light of day.

If you want to lead an initiative within your company, you have to start with a simple mindset. Telling yourself “you are the right person to lead this initiative.” When you have the confidence and feel the responsibility to lead, then things fall in place. Picking the right time to launch the idea is equally important. The name of the initiative has to be catchy so everyone can easily understand what the group or initiative is all about. Catchy names are usually between 1 to 3 words.

In the beginning days of launching the initiative, you have to proactively engage with the audience. Overtime, it should be your audience putting up content, leading the initiative and engaging other members. That’s when you know it has become a success-when the group members lead and take it to newer heights. The initiative/platform needs to be constantly monitored so that non relevant content or activities that go against the group’s values/ethics is not shared or encouraged.