The entrepreneurial journey is not everyone’s cup of tea. A few individuals love the adventure, risk and everything else that comes with entrepreneurship yet most love what they do and live happily also. Each is a life choice we make.

Yet entrepreneurial skills are something we can all strive to have. I believe you don’t have to be an entrepreneur only to develop entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurial skills include: a getting shit done attitude, being resourceful, leveraging your network, delivering on your responsibilities, being ethical, making an impact among many others. We can choose to be entrepreneurial everyday.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Over the years, through experience, observation and discussion, I think I have an idea on what makes a successful entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur has three important things: idea, vision and execution.

The most important aspect of any entrepreneurial activity is the idea. What is the idea? How is it going to serve the current market? How much demand is there for the specific idea?

Second the vision. Ideas can be great but it needs vision. What is the long term goal? How much can the idea grow? Does the idea serve a niche market or can it serve a lot of people?

Third the execution part. Having the idea is great, vision is equally important and tantamount to it is execution of that idea. Is it a pioneering idea? Can you gain a first mover advantage by executing that idea? How quick do you adapt to the changing marketplace?