Best momos in Jackson Heights, Queens

Does Tawa Food have the best chicken momos in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City? I believe so.

Having lived close to Jackson Heights for many years, I have had the pleasure and joy to enjoy some of the best momos in New York City. You can’t find any other place concentrated with so many choices of himalayan cuisines than Jackson Heights. Thousands of immigrants from the South Asian region reside in Jackson Heights or around it and thus you have access to the flavors, tastes and culinary from that region.

To find the best momos in Jackson Heights, I have gone from one restaurant to another. There are many contenders for the most delicious momos (Lali Guras, Himalayan Yak, Woodside Cafe, Bhim’s Cafe) but for me, Tawa Food takes the trophy for now. Tawa’s chicken momos are juicy, tasty and have a flavorful bite to them. A plate of hot momos on a rainy evening in New York City is the perfect comfort for any foodie. There can be a wait time of 10-15 minutes for your momos to be prepared at Tawa but its worth it. And what better way to wrap up your momo cravings than some bites at Tawa Food and a masala tea at Kebab King.

By the way, a few years back I participated in a food tour through Jeff Orlick’s Ambassador Program. We went to Woodside Cafe and here is the blog about the adventure.