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Rising above the machines

There’s a lot of hype about AI and automation these days. The hype is real. It is reshaping companies, industries, communities, and even countries. Yes, countries as well. An opinion article on the Financial Times talks about China battles the US in the artificial intelligence arms race

Understanding what AI is and how automation will affect us will be the first step. Once we know the facts over the noise, it’s important to see the benefits of AI and automation in our work/company/industry. Getting educated about AI through courses like AI for Everyone will help us understand the basics of what AI can do and cannot do among other things. We also have to understand our human strengths and where machines won’t add value (at least in the near future) and leverage on them. Creativity, empathy, critical thinking, ethics, feelings (emotion) are areas where humans are far better at than machines. Let’s embrace the potential of this new technology, understand where it fits in our business or community or personal lives, and be prepared to stay ahead of the machines.