Getting various perspectives on topics, moments, and events in life will help us see them from a different angle. I strongly believe that seeking out different perspectives and points of view will not only benefit us personally but also professionally. There can’t be just one way to do things such as one way to make money, one way to live or one way to be happy. So, why not hear the perspectives out and consider the possibilities and outcomes?

We can gain perspective from various channels. The most widely available and accessible is books. Books provide us a channel to venture into a different world and see things from the characters’ lens. Another channel is through conversations with people from different backgrounds-careers/race/culture/gender etc. I enjoy this channel a lot as talking face to face with people will help us not only know about the other person’s views but also about ours. Then there are educational platforms-seminars, conferences, workshops etc that help us gain new perspectives and immerse ourselves in group learning. There are other ways as well.

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