Industry ready college graduates

Industry ready college graduates

There is a lot of talk at colleges, meetups, conferences, and other venues that college graduates in Nepal are not job ready. Although there seems to be an effort to bridge the gap between academia and industry, a lot of work still needs to be done. In the meantime, I want to share my thoughts on how college graduates should/must be ready for the job market in Nepal.

College graduates should really develop or hone these skills/attitude:

  1. Proactive-Students with a proactive attitude will get more opportunities because they are taking more chances and will be noticed. Potential employers can easily spot if you are proactive or not. Show your proactive attitude by highlighting the activities you did in college/outside of college/in the community etc.
  2. Creative-Be creative in your job search process. Don’t just rely on easy methods like applying online. Use a mix of job search approaches-apply online, email the company, visit the company, talk to friends/alumni etc. Get noticed.
  3. Prepare-Be prepared for each opportunity that comes your way. There are too many graduates waiting for an opportunity. No matter how good you were in college, being prepared for job interviews requires plenty of practice.
  4. Hungry-Stay hungry. Sometimes it can feel like forever when you apply for jobs but never hear back from the companies. Don’t be discouraged and keep following up. All you need is one YES and then you’re good.
  5. Start early– Don’t wait till your 8th semester to apply for internships/jobs. Start as early as possible.

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