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Attracting learners

I got an email from Growth Leadership Academy for a Training proposal on “Training of the Trainer (TOT).” The email contained a lot of text, some bolded text and the price of the workshop. Another email from LCCI Nepal on Train the Trainer contained less lengthy text, some bolded text, links its website and a YouTube video explaining the workshop. Further details of the Train the Trainer workshop was on the attachment along with the price of the 3 day training. I also received an email from FranklinCovey, Nepal & Bhutan which shared the yearly calendar from January-August 2019.  The email was a mix of regular text, some bolded and italicized and used a variety of colors to highlight the monthly activities. One observation is that the price of the individual workshops in 2019 was not on the email.

First impression is the last impression. The objective of an email from a training institution is to provide information to the interested learners and attract them to the workshop. It’s important to provide just enough information for the interested people/companies to make a decision on whether or not to attend the training or workshop. Regarding the above three emails, FranklinCovey’s email stood out because of the combination of nice layout and non disclosure of price. That email invokes our interest, makes us curious and want to inquire further details (time, venue, price etc).