Growth challenges

Growth challenges

Once upon a time there is an idea. An idea inside someone’s head. Then it begins to take shape. The name of the company gets registered and the web domain/social media handles are taken. It’s a constant evolution from inception to execution.

As a startup, it’s about survival. The founder(s) and the team is looking to find customers, get signups/orders and generate revenue. There are different types of challenges you face as a startup in the earlier stages and later in the growth stages. The growth stage challenges are getting more customers, managing and growing the team, keeping a system in place, caring about the culture among others. As the company scales, people challenges take mostly centerstage. The majority of the employees will be onboard if the hiring and training is done right. There will be a few who will resist the change, won’t be wholeheartedly with the company’s mission/vision or just need constant guidance.

Would you change your policies/culture to accommodate the few or make decisions that benefit the majority? The latter would be better.

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