30 Stories: Miss Moti

30 Stories: Miss Moti

“Moti” in the Nepalese language can mean a plump woman or it can also mean a pearl if you say it with a softer “T”. 

Miss Moti was born out of my own struggle with weight. A friend of mine had given me the nickname Moti. Thus, when searching for a name for my comic character, I realized that Moti would be the perfect fit. This character would represent a woman who was plump and also display a sense of purity and innocence. 

The emphasis of ‘beauty’ in our society leads many people to have a negative body image about themselves, especially when it comes to weight. In a world that places so much importance on appearance, Miss Moti is a superhero out to conquer her world. She does not let anything, including her weight hold her back in life. For me, Miss Moti advocates that we should not let our insecurities and body image stop us from chasing our dreams and goals in life. 

Bio: Kripa Joshi is an Illustrator and Comic Artist from Nepal. She pursued her MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she started making comics and developed the character of Miss Moti. Follow her @missmoti_vation

Image credit: missmoti.com

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