30 Stories: Auburn Foodie Sisters

30 Stories: Auburn Foodie Sisters

@auburnfoodiesisters Story by @thestorieshub

We are two sisters from Auburn who love everything related to food. 

Auburn, Alabama is our home, where we grew up, and very close to our hearts. From our early days of tailgating while eating barbecue before football games, grabbing a quick bite at Chick-fil-A before attending classes, to drinking lemonade at Toomer’s Corner while relaxing on Samford Lawn, we have watched the culinary landscape in Auburn grow tremendously throughout the years. 

We decided to share our love of food and Auburn with you through our Instagram page. As the town’s culinary scene got larger, so did our appetites to discover, highlight, and share the best food spots. Join us on our food journey to tell the world about Auburn’s amazing eats, while supporting local Auburn and Opelika businesses.

Bio: Auburnfoodiesisters is an Instagram page started by two sisters covering amazing eats around Auburn while supporting local businesses. Follow their food journey @auburnfoodiesisters

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