30 Stories: Bhav Products

30 Stories: Bhav Products

@bhavproducts Story by @thestorieshub

A customer recently wrote to me “All Bhav Products are so creative, that you can’t help not being the same once you start using them. My long lost skills of calligraphy, doodling, and sketching have found a new earth to pour again all my creative ink into! Highly recommended!

When one of your creations gets appreciated like that, I feel pure joy. Bhav began as a determined, personal attempt at creating the best notebook possible for my own use. When I did not find what I was looking for in the market, I thought why don’t I make it myself. However, starting out I never imagined that it’d be hard. In my mind, I thought that I’d just buy a bunch of paper, design it, print it, and sell it. It required me to evolve and work along with suppliers who initially disregarded my queries or give me an empty promise of calling me later. I was committed to bring quality stationary in the market, so I worked with suppliers and made the best use of what was available. 

I love Nepali words and Bhav was a word I had been in love with for a long time. Since notebooks are something we pour our hearts out in, Bhav just clicked in. In addition, me being someone who’s into marketing, the word seemed like a short and sweet one that was easy to remember.

Bio: Bhintuna Jyapoo established Bhav Products in December 2014 to fill in the gap that was ever widening between enthusiast and quality stationery.
Bhav products is a Nepali brand that sells a wide range of creative stationery supplies. Follow @bhavproducts

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