30 Stories: Promise Tamang

30 Stories: Promise Tamang

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Makeup is a language to me. It allows me to communicate with millions of people around the world through my transformation. I am blessed and thankful for the platform to teach millions of people and entertain as a human chameleon by transforming into different celebrities and fictional characters.

My 13 year old self would have never imagined all of these would happen one day. I have been able to travel the world and work with so many big brands and companies (Pepsi, Disney, Sony, etc.), judged beauty contests, and became faces for make-up campaigns. It has been very rewarding so far.

My sweet husband, Steve, family members, Nimbus-my cute dog, and Poki-the sweetest most precious Hedgehog ever, also make special appearances in my YouTube videos. Having started doing makeup as a hobby, I am now very thankful to spread happiness and bring joy globally with my language. 

Bio: Promise Tamang is known as Human Chameleon. She is a Make-up Guru and shares her celebrity and fictional character transformations on social media. Follow her @promisetamang

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