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30 Stories: Mheecha

@mheecha Story by @thestorieshub

The backpack market in Nepal is dominated by imported goods. Local Nepali brands are able to capture only a small percentage of the market, while the majority is covered by imported generic and branded backpacks.

Our motive at Mheecha is simple. Inspired by the traditional Mheecha for its minimal, classy design, strength, and durability, we design and develop our products with these characteristics in mind. We believe that Nepalese consumers do not have to choose between world class standard qualities and products made locally in Nepal.

A lot of time is spent on the design process to make sure our products are simple and appealing to our customers. Today, Nepalese consumers can choose merchandise like ours that meet the highest quality standards and are functional, durable, and fashionable. 

Bio: Founded by Anish Bajracharya, Pratik Shakya, and Nishan Bajracharya in 2016, Mheecha (a Newa term which means ‘pouch’) is proud to manufacture the highest quality bags in Nepal. Follow them @mheecha

Image credit: mheecha.com

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