Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer

Whoever said that could not have said it any better.

What is travel? A better question might be what do you experience when you travel. When I travel, I feel alive. It makes me realize that the world is so much bigger than where I currently am. Although technology has brought so many places (almost all) around the world much closer to us, being physically in that location is what truly does justice. Nothing beats those moments. It’s not just that you somehow know what to expect of the place based on the YouTube videos, websites or blogs you visit; it’s so much more than that.

Nothing beats taking the step to see the world for yourself. Go travel to learn, live and to discover the world.

Reaching out

I was about to take a tour of Istanbul in a few hours. My phone battery was running low so I managed to charge it a little bit at the hotel. I knew it would not be enough to capture pictures and videos of this beautiful city.

On the scheduled group tour starting at 8:30am, I keenly listened to our tour guide calling out the boarding passes. He called out Amr Ismail who was heading to Miami after Istanbul. Once the tour started, I started talking to Amr and we talked about our travels and experiences so far. I also mentioned to him that my phone battery is running low and won’t be able to capture any pictures/videos of Istanbul. He quickly assured me that he can take the pictures and email them to me later on. Amr not only shared the pictures with me later on but now we have decided to stay in touch half way across the globe.

Sometimes reaching out for help is all you need to do. What’s the worst that can help? They can say no but anything beyond that is a better outcome. Sometimes we tend to get caught up too much in our differences that we don’t realize how understanding, caring and helpful people are.