Adventures to Chitlang and Markhu

Located in a few hours hike from Kathmandu are the beautiful villages of Chitlang and Markhu in Makwanpur district. Filled with abundant homestays, Nepal’s first goat cheese factory, pear farming, beautiful landscape, Chitlang contrasts the capital Kathmandu yet is so nearby. Markhu has an amazing viewpoint of the closeby hills, temples, boating facility to Kulekhani dam and fish farming. Chitlang and Markhu are both seeing a boost in internal tourism with people hiking or going there on their motorbikes, mountain bikes or bus.

With four of my friends, we made our way to Markhu from Kathmandu on a bright Saturday morning. Our budget for this trip was 1500 Nrs. Here’s what our itinerary looked like:

Day 1:

Catch the bus to Thankot from Old Bus Park (around 30 minutes without traffic)

Get off at the stop for Chandragiri Hills

Take one way cable car to Chandragiri Hills (You can also hike from Tribhuvan park, Thankot)

Chandragiri Hills to Chitlang village (around 1.5hrs to 2hrs)

Lunch at Goat Cheese Home Stay

Hike to Markhu (around 1hr to 1.5hrs)

Dinner and lodging at New Pareli Guest House

Day 2:

Tour the temples and the pedestrian suspension bridge

Boating to machaghar (fish house) from Markhu lakeside (around 45 minutes)

Brunch at New Pareli Guest House

Bus ride to Kathmandu

Total Costs: Nrs. 1500 or $15