Reading Now: Tools of Titans

When I first started reading TOOLS OF TITANS: THE TACTICS, ROUTINES, AND HABITS OF BILLIONAIRES, ICONS, AND WORLD-CLASS PERFORMERS, I combed through the chapters of people whose names I had heard before or recognized right away. Then I started to go through chapters of other icons.

After going through several chapters of the book, it is easy to notice that the icons have their own disciplined approach to their craft. Some eat the same thing each morning while others follow the same routine before getting into their zone. It is great to learn of simple habits of the uber successful individuals. What I am taking away from reading about these icons is that each person has to find what works for himself or herself. The book is a good guide to learn from the greats and take them as inspiration to find your own unique talent. Be the best version of yourself.

Have you read the book? What are your thoughts on it?