Make an impact

Your next role should be chosen based on how much impact you will make. You must. We need more people aspiring to do the work where they can make the most impact. That’s the right thing to do. Being in a role where you are not making a difference or contributing to something bigger can make you miserable eventually. You’ll be more motivated and energized daily when you feel that you are making an impact. Chasing an intangible goal that you are extremely committed to will give your life a purpose and meaning. If your work is not making an impact from your current role, the motivation and energy will dry out and you’ll be looking for something else to do soon.

Questions to ask yourself from time to time on whether you are making an impact: Are you happy doing the work you are currently doing? Is the work you’re contributing leading to more than just profit? Is it creating more jobs, connecting more people or building better communities? How would you like to be remembered if you were to leave your job today? What would your legacy be? What are you doing to make this world a better place?