Setting your own bar

The bar is not set for everything. As you take on new projects and work, you will be setting standards along the way.

The important question is how high will you set your own bar?

Your work will speak volumes. When you’re working on something new, you are the bar setter. There are no standards set for this new project. Will you do just enough to get by or will you do it until you are proud to say that you did what you can? It’s easy to set the bar low and move on to the next task…the next thing to check off the list. But the bigger fun is to take on the new challenge, set the bar really high and produce work that you are extremely proud of.

Set your own bar! Really high.

15 MINUTES A DAY (Review)

Wow! What a difference does 15 MINUTES A DAY devoted to learning makes to your life. If you invest just 15 MINUTES A DAY to learning something new everyday, imagine how much you will learn by investing 30 minutes per day or an 1 hour a day and so on. My goal is to be a lifelong learner and to always seek knowledge and wisdom.

In early December 2016, I started experimenting with 15 MINUTES A DAY to focusing on learning a new concept, idea or subject matter. I picked a different topic each day: business of NBA, Superbowl history, video editing tutorial, Tools of Titans chapters, magazine articles etc. The breadth of knowledge gained on different subjects over this period has motivated me to continue this habit.

Some thoughts with experimenting on this habit: I tried to set aside 15 minutes at the same interval each day but it was easier said than done. So I did not restrict myself with a specific time of the day as long as I got the 15 minutes committed to learning. Choosing the topic of the day was really easy as I am curious about a lot of things. Picking the next subject matter to learn is always the exciting part of this experiment. The inspiration can come from anywhere-while travelling, watching TV or just taking a walk.

As Warren Buffet said in a Forbes interview: The best moat you can have is your own talent. How are you developing your talent, craft or passion? Are you investing in building your best moat? Are you learning everyday?