The Subway Ride

Swiping the metrocard, I rush downstairs to catch the subway

Knowing well that the next one is just a few minutes away

The New York City speed makes me this way

5 days a week, I’m like this everyday


Cultures from all walks of life moving in sync

All in one compartment sharing the day’s journey and we don’t blink

The tourists look over their map while the teenagers take a snap

The homeless shares his story while some commuters nod on rap


This beautiful circus unfolds in a given New York day

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere is what they say

It could be the exact route, however the commute is never the same

Locals, tourists and station performers all captured in a frame


Aspiring and established musicians keep us entertained in the crowd

Some pause to appreciate and are very proud

Subway shopkeepers are numb to the commuters’ sound

Thousands spend so much of their day underground


There is a different world up above the subway station

We share a New York minute on our way to the destination

Travelling on a subway is the best way to experience this city

The subway ride is one of a kind in New York City