Bajeko Sekuwa in NYC

I saw an ad on Kantipur on Monday that stated Bajeko Sekuwa was opening its first international outlet in NYC.

A local restaurant from Kathmandu dreams big and starts an outlet in the city where you can find flavors from all corners of the world. This is laudable and I congratulate Bajeko Sekuwa’s management team for this. I have had pleasant experiences dining at Bajeko Sekuwa here in Kathmandu.

Just want to share my two cents on how Bajeko Sekuwa can thrive in NYC (based on my experiences of having lived both in NYC and Kathmandu).

  1. Establish a customer first brand from the beginning (Customer service is highly valued in the US. Each staff should be trained in customer service and should go above and beyond to please the customers.)
  2. Invite food bloggers/food writers for news organizations to your restaurant’s inauguration to generate publicity. I once took the role of a Nepalese Ambassador in Jackson Heights and it was a great way to generate publicity for the restaurant with an interested audience. There are thousands of foodies around NYC waiting to try a new cuisine or discover that new restaurant in town.
  3. Hire service oriented and proactive individuals to look after the restaurant’s website, social media pages and mobile app (if any) (Engagement is key especially in building the brand in a new market.)
  4. Be active in review sites and respond promptly. (Americans love reading reviews before checking out any place such as a restaurant/bar/club etc).
  5. Strive to become the best Nepalese restaurant in the US by providing excellent food and service mixed with the Nepali hospitality.