Bajeko Sekuwa in Queens

Bajeko Sekuwa, a popular restaurant chain with roots in Kathmandu, Nepal recently opened its doors to the public in Queens, New York City. The 21 Google reviews include rave reviews of the Himalayan grill such as:

I have been there thrice in two days. What more can I say? The food is delicious and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great tasting food. Enjoy!

Good food and nice hospitality. Worth visiting with friends or family. Highly recommend!
Good food and service…prices are bit high but worth it..
Amidst the 5 star reviews, there are a few 1 or 2 star reviews citing their high prices. On those few reviews, there is a response from the owner but it’s not personalized neither addresses the concern directly. The restaurant can write a more personalized message to each person posting a Google review. This would make the reviewer feel like he or she was heard plus it shows to other people that this restaurant is proactive in their customer service. Customer care is a long term strategy. You have to be absolutely passionate about service. If you’re looking at customer service as just part of your job description but don’t really care enough, you won’t get far much.
Bajeko Sekuwa is off to a very good start in Queens. By putting the customers first, listening to their feedback/suggestions and improving upon them will do wonders for the restaurant for years to come. I previously wrote about how the restaurant can prosper in New York. Rooting for Bajeko Sekuwa to continue to thrive.
P.S. I will soon post my restaurant review when I visit Bajeko Sekuwa in person.