Responsibility of teachers, parents, and students

Responsibility of teachers, parents, and students

For a student to be successful academically, its takes a total team effort. From the students’ parents, friends to their teachers and students’ themselves, it takes a village to help the students be successful.

What are then the responsibilities of teachers, parents, and students?

Teachers: They are instrumental in gaining the students’ interest, engagement, and ultimately their learning. The teachers have so much influence and the impact of a great teacher on a student or students is lifelong. Anyone in a teaching profession should go above and beyond to make sure each student in the class is learning, being challenged, and ready for the next step in their lives.

Parents: They are important in providing the environment for students to focus on their student life. Parents know the value of a good education and should continuously take time to understand what their child or children like/dislike/want to be. I’m sure every parent wants a better life for child or children than they did. From being there to help out with homeworks and assignments to motivating them when grades fall short of expectations and giving them perspective on everything in life, parents do so much that it’s really hard to describe.

Students: The success of the students’ ultimately depends on themselves. Teachers can do so much. Parents can do so much. However, if the students do not understand the value or need to have a good education, put in the effort/time to succeed or manage things properly, everything will go in vain. The students’ responsibility is for them to fully focus on their education, manage their expenses and time accordingly, and be the main drivers of their success.

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