Idea funnel

Idea funnel

The best ideas are right in front of you. You just have to hear them out.

An idea can lead to a startup. The founder can tweak the idea overtime or change it completely. As time goes on, market changes, competition arrives, challenges amass and then you have to come up with new ideas to stay ahead in the market. There are good and bad ideas thrown at you left and right to lead the pack. Which do you choose?

In any organization, there are individuals who have good ideas or strategies that can help the company tremendously. A lot of times the voices of these individuals are systematically silent because their supervisors or leaders are too busy managing their egos, not hearing their team out or just busy watching the competition.

Create an idea funnel in your organization where the team constantly challenges the status quo, find ways to manage loss and increase increase or impact and you have the opportunity to hear many ideas before deciding on one. The outsider consultant can help but before that make sure you have fully heard from the ones that you work with everyday. They might just be waiting for their turn to speak, contribute and make an impact.



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