Giving credit where due

Giving credit where due

Competition brings out the best in us. It allows us to showcase our talent, preparation, and efforts on the court. In a game, there will be a winner or loser when the time is up.

The winner gets the spotlight, the awards, all the right press etc. The loser will go home reflecting on their season, analyze what went wrong, and make the right adjustments next time. A sign of a good competitor is when the game is done, they recognize each other’s efforts, show good sportsmanship, and give credit where it’s due.

One good example of credit given where it’s due can be seen at the press conference of the Los Angeles Clippers players Patrick Beverley & Lou Williams Postgame after their Game 6 loss to the Golden State Warriors. Although I’m a Golden State Warriors fan, I give my hats off to the two Clippers players for showing a lot of professionalism, class, and poise. Much respect to the Clippers.

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