30 Stories: Writers Ink

30 Stories: Writers Ink

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I loved writing from a very young age because it gave me a sense of freedom, a form of expression, and most importantly a voice. As a Writing Consultant at Auburn University’s Miller Writing Center, I helped hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students with their writing projects. Each writing consultation appointment allowed me to go on a journey with the student to tackle their writing frustrations, road blocks, and own their success. It gave me immense satisfaction knowing that I was able to help make an impact by improving someone’s writing skills and scope of knowledge.

I knew there were other students and professionals in academia and industry who needed guidance with their writing. I wanted to make a bigger difference in my community and beyond, so that’s why Writers Ink was created. Writers Ink helps you hone your writing skills to achieve your end results. Writers Ink is my passion, my calling, and an opportunity to help you become more confident in finding your writing voice.

Bio: Writers Ink was started by Anshu Shrestha. She is a career coach and writing consultant. Follow them @writersinkinsta for all topics related to writing.

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