30 Stories: Arthur Gunn

30 Stories: Arthur Gunn

@arthur_gunn Story by @thestorieshub

When I got my first guitar from my mom, I was ecstatic and started singing and playing songs I heard on the radio and TV. That’s how I fell in love with music. 

After high school, I moved to America from Nepal and settled in Wichita, Kansas. Living in Wichita really got me into Bluegrass and Country music. I had not listened to those kinds of music before, but I was pulled towards it. This attraction was magnetic.

I made my American dream come true by being runner up in the American Idol 2020 competition. Thank you to all of you beautiful people around the world for supporting my @AmericanIdol journey. American Idol gave me a universal platform to share my love for music with you and I hope you will join me on the road ahead.


Bio: Dibesh Pokharel who goes by the stage name, Arthur Gunn came 1st runner up on the American Idol 2020 competition. He won many hearts from fans all around the world and judges alike with his talent, style, and personality. His 7-track EP “Self-Titled” was released in the summer of 2020. Follow him @arthur_gunn

Image credit: The Wichita Eagle

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