30 Stories: Trisara

30 Stories: Trisara

@trisara_restaurant Story by @thestorieshub

The journey of Trisara began with three friends who always wanted to open a restaurant. Once they acquired the land they wanted in Lazimpat, the restaurant was on its way to become a beloved hang out spot for many Kathmandu residents. 

Over the years, Trisara evolved with the changing times, tastes, and expectations. When the restaurant first started, they had half of the current food and drink items available on the menu. They had not even thought about hosting live music shows and events. Today, people excitedly discuss their food, customer service, live music, and especially the restaurant’s ambience on social platforms. 

With the success of the restaurant’s first branch in Lazimpat, the friends have opened a second one in Pokhara, followed by the latest one in Durbarmarg. They opened Trisara The Baking Factory as well. They eventually want to open a branch outside of Nepal.

Bio: Trisara was founded in 2011 by three friends Arun Shrestha, Raunak Rana, and Sovan Malakar. The restaurant is now extremely well known in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Follow them @trisara_restaurant

Image credit: Trisara Facebook page

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