30 Stories: Sneha Shrestha (Imagine)

30 Stories: Sneha Shrestha (Imagine)

@imagine876 Story by @thestorieshub

“You can imagine, too.”

The graffiti art form mesmerized Sneha. She had never seen American graffiti and learned more about the art form from her mentor, Rob Gibbs, a pioneer of graffiti in Boston. When she started writing in Nepali, she felt that her voice could really shine. She realized she could show who she is as a person, where she’s from, and a bit about her culture. She finds inspiration for her paintings from the vibrant traditions and cultures of Nepal, where she was born and raised. Her pieces convey a positive phrase – “You can imagine, too.” 

Although Sneha went to one of the best schools in Kathmandu, she still felt that she did not have an art experience opportunity. From her own experience growing up and realizing how important art experiences are to kids, she established Nepal’s first Children’s Art Museum. The museum provides educational and creative learning experiences and has had over 7,000 participants to date.

Bio: Sneha Shrestha (Imagine) is an artist from Nepal who paints mindful mantras meshing aesthetics of Sanskrit scriptures with graffiti influences. She has collaborated with Reebok, Neiman Marcus, and Red Bull and her work is held in the private collections of Facebook, Google, Capital One and Fidelity Investments. She is the founder of Nepal Children’s Art Museum. In 2016, she was given the key to the city by the mayor of Worcester. Follow her @imagine876

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