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Visit Nepal 2020

To make Visit Nepal 2020 a definite success, all the stakeholders should consider how to attract, engage, and wow the tourists in their Nepal trip.

The easy part is for the government to announce Visit Nepal 2020. The real work happens before the flock of tourists start coming in for 2020. I believe first we have to really understand why tourists come to Nepal. Is it the mountains, the lakes, the culture, the food, or the people? Or it could be something else? Understanding why most tourists come to Nepal, then working to highlight those experiences will take Nepal to the next level. Second, we need to make the travel experience much better for the tourists. From the time the tourists land at Tribhuvan International airport to the time they head back to their native country, we have to deliver a WOW experience throughout their time here. Third, the Visit Nepal 2020 is a great opportunity for the government, private sector, and the public to work together to show the best that Nepal has. Let’s all do our part to make Visit Nepal 2020 a grand success.