Use Khaalisisi for recycling

Use Khaalisisi for recycling

Waste management is still fairly a new concept in Nepal. Typically a waste management company visits a vicinity once a week and collects the waste from that area. Then there are about 13000 Khaalisisi friends who go to different neighborhoods on their bicycles to collect old newspapers, books, metal/steel among other things.

Now Khaalisisi, a platform has come around and they are working to make it easier for the waste seller to sell/donate their recyclable trash while increasing business for the waste entrepreneurs (Khaalisisi friends). I recently used the platform for the first time and was delighted with the experience. The Khaalisisi friend came around my scheduled time, weighed the old newspapers I had with his digital weighing machine, and gave me a proper bill. This is certainly taking our recycling industry in the right direction. I’ll be using the Khaalisisi platform for recycling more often in the coming days.

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