Until it’s done

Until it’s done

The risk takers love the challenge. Sometimes the “challenge” is handed to them; other times they chase the challenge. While the risk takers are busy chasing the challenge/opportunity, the other 80% are looking to do what everyone else does.

I sincerely feel it’s rare that one achieves huge success on the first try. The risk takers accept whatever comes their way. It’s the way it is. Even if the first try is not a success, experience is the best teacher. They keep going. While others are getting comfortable in their daily lives, most of them slowly start to “admire”, “wish” or even feel “invigorated” when they talk to the risk takers. Risk taking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Anything great that has ever been achieved is mostly from the risk takers. At first, it’s seems all risky, challenging, and impossible to attain it until someone does it.

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