The student

The student

I consider myself a life long student. Being in school was just a chapter in my life. Grade school, middle school, high school, college, grad school. All these “traditional schools” gave me knowledge, skills, and a sense of understanding about the world.

Fast forward many years after grad school, I am currently getting an education.

As we live in a world where things are moving so fast, the only way to adapt to these changes is to approach it like a student. There is always something to learn. The growth never stops. You climb one mountain and then you have to climb another one. That’s the game that we are playing now. The student mentality will keep us curious, nimble, and adapt better to the changing environment. If we see ourselves as someone who has already attained “the degree” or “the coveted role”, we will be outdated pretty soon. It’s best to always have that student mindset and work to become better each day.

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