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The story I waited 14 years for

After finishing college, I wanted to work for one company: Nike.

Nike always fascinated me. It was a company that was innovative, cool, and easily recognizable. Back then, I frequently checked Nike’s careers page to see if I qualified for any of the jobs out there. I had done research and found that Nike’s European headquarters was located in Hilversum, The Netherlands and visited Hilversum during my study abroad at Amsterdam. I just wanted to get closer to the brand.

In the memoir “Shoe Dog” by the creator of Nike, Phil Knight reveals the back story of how he started the company and where it is now. Learning about how Phil came up with the shoe idea, his world tour, family dynamics, his track coach at Oregon (Bill Bowerman) among other gems is deeply insightful and humbling. I am still reading the book and anxiously waiting to finish it. This is the story that I was waiting for years to read.

Thanks, Phil for writing the memoir.