the process

the process

“For me, the beauty is all in the process. It’s all in the journey. It’s all in building something. That’s the most fun for me” – Kobe Bryant.

Kobe’s been known to talk about the importance of “the process” in countless interviews. He loves the grind, the hustle and the discipline it takes to become great at something. He stated in a recent interview that this generation is much more concerned with the final outcome rather than understanding the journey of what it takes to get there. We don’t dive deep enough to understand what makes a particular person successful but resort to catchy headlines and conventional generalizations. It’s really important to understand the person from all angles to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses and how that lead them to success and failure. You have to absolutely love and enjoy the journey towards achieving your goals and dreams.

I would love to understand Kobe’s process of getting ready for the NBA season, for the playoffs and for the Finals. I would love to understand Seth Godin’s process of writing daily blogs. I would love to know Tim Ferriss’ process of selecting topics/people for his podcast. The process, indeed is the most beautiful thing.


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