Successful on your own terms

Successful on your own terms

Once upon a time you only saw people who were successful when you met them. One did not have access to books, TV and radio; let alone the internet. Now the game is different. Now you see, hear and are feed the “standard” success stories of people from all over the world. Headlines shout “He started a company at 15 years old. She sold her first company for $150 million at age 24. The company is going public next month.”

The beauty of success is that it happens for people in different ways. There’s no one magic pill. You can take inspiration from others to motivate yourself, to push yourself, or to help you grow personally and professionally. Yet there’s no reason to compare your progress with someone else’s success and trajectory. As you put in the work and commit yourself to your goals and dreams, you will be successful on your own terms.

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