small critical steps

small critical steps

If Pema wants to write for the national newspaper, he needs to come up with a good story, content and the right length (over 1200 words). Just pondering on the possible topic and how much he will get paid once the article gets published won’t be of much help now. Pema needs to take certain steps. He can open his laptop and start writing a possible topic or what he knows. The publication ready article might take some time but the small step of opening the laptop or notebook and writing a few lines will help Pema tremendously.

The vision and goal of any project/task will allow an individual or team to keep the big picture in mind. However, it’s the small critical steps in the beginning of the journey that is vital to accomplishing the goal. It would seem overwhelming to try to achieve something big without having the consistent daily or weekly targets/milestones leading up to it. Breaking the big goal down into small achievable tasks will boost the team’s confidence, build momentum and lead to a more satisfying result.

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