Podcasting is the new blogging

Podcasting is the new blogging

I love Seth Godin’s thoughts on podcasting so I’m sharing it right here.

A podcast helps us think hard about what’s next, about how we describe what’s now, about what’s worth sharing.

A podcast is a great chance to find your voice, and a marvelous excuse to reach out to people and have important conversations.

Not as a way to make big dollars (blogging didn’t do that either). But as a way to share your ideas, to lead your community, to earn trust.

Podcasting is a proven technology that is still in its infancy. It’s an open mic, a chance for people with something to say to find a few people (or perhaps more than a few people) who’d like to hear them say it.

And podcasting is the generous act of showing up, earning trust and authority because you care enough to raise your hand and speak up.

I took The Podcast Fellowship last fall and loved it. I recommend you look into it if you are interested. Visit Podcasting is the new blogging

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