Nepal’s first Himalayan City Hunt 2019

Nepal’s first Himalayan City Hunt 2019

Nepal’s first Himalayan City Hunt took place on April 6th, 2019. The “Himalayan City Hunt 2019” was organized in association with Visionary International, Akasha Wellness Studio, Nepal Olympic Committee, Peace and Sport Organization, Le Sherpa Restaurant, and Orchid Club & Inn.

I always find it exciting to be part of something new. When I first heard about the Himalayan City Hunt 2019, I was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. We formed a team of five and registered our names for the event. The morning of April 6 was gloomy and it rained heavily. However, the weather did not faze us and we made our way to Le Sherpa at Mahargunj. We toured the Saturday Farmer’s market behind the restaurant. Shortly after that, the Visionary International team gave the participating teams an orientation and got us energized for the Himalayan City Hunt 2019.

Our first task involved reaching Gorakhnath temple in Pashupatinath within 45 minutes. We got a lift to Chakrapath and then took the bus to Pashupatinath. We reached within the mentioned time. In the Gorakhnath temple vicinity, we played some team games. We then received few more tasks to be done within the Pashupatinath area from generating additional income to taking selfies with tourists and babajis. Our seventh task was to return to Le Sherpa within 30 minutes.

Once back at Le Sherpa, individuals from different teams shared their experiences from the day. There were a lot of learning moments throughout the day. From time management, team communication to individual leadership, getting out of our comfort zone, we experienced it all as a team. I had three majors learning moments from the day: trusting your team members, communicating clearly, and actively listening. Before dinner, the results were announced for the event. We were declared the winning team for Himalayan City Hunt 2019. It was a proud moment for us as a team.

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