Moments that make you

Moments that make you

One of the defining moments in our lives is when we get rejected: for a job that we really wanted, for a position that we really wanted or anything that we strived to get. There could be many reasons for why the rejection happened. However, we need to keep these moments in perspective, not let these moments define us completely, and become stronger.

Mentally strong people use the “rejection” situations as learning experiences. They become self reflective and assess what they could have done better next time. Instead of blaming others or even themselves, they acknowledge that “rejection” is just a part of life. Everyone faces rejection in one way or another. We all respond differently to rejections. Mentally strong people also don’t let the rejection define them entirely. Rejection does not mean someone is a complete failure or a complete loser. They become even more hungry, work towards improving themselves, and focus on what they can control. I personally try to laugh off “rejection” moments as much as I can and strive to get better next time.

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