I strongly believe in mentorship. Mentors are people who can help you grow personally or professionally. I have been extremely lucky to have some amazing mentors.

Mentorship is even more important in Nepal. A lot of young people join colleges or universities hoping to land jobs when they graduate or start their own enterprise. Many of the colleges and universities are not preparing job ready graduates. There are many reasons for that. Finding the right mentors (academic and/or professional) for students will help them tremendously. Students need to reach out to their school’s alumni, professionals in their field, or anyone who has done well in their respective field to be their mentors. Having a mentor will give the mentee a new perspective on their careers, different life choices, and just have someone they can reach out to in times of need.

Mentorship is a two way relationship. Both the mentor and mentee should benefit from the relationship. The earlier you find the right mentor, the better your personal or professional journey will be.

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